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                We are Guy Carpenter

                helping clients achieve profitable growth through an integrated offering of reinsurance broking expertise, strategic advisory services and industry-leading analytics. We provide trusted advice and solutions to the world’s insurers.

                As never before, insurance industry leaders are challenged to deliver sustained profitable growth in an environment of increasing competitive pressures and rapid changes in financial markets, technology and global regulations. They look to Guy Carpenter at crossroads moments for innovation in the transfer of risk, in new forms of capital, in actuarial science and in analytics.

                • 1922 Year Founded
                • 2,400+ Colleagues
                • 50+ Offices Worldwide

                Comprehensive capabilities from strategy to implementation — delivered with unequaled cohesion.

                • Managing Risk

                  Specialized reinsurance broking teams around the world help our clients transfer risks and optimize return on risk-adjusted capital.

                • Capital Solutions

                  Innovative capital, M&A, and corporate finance solutions help our clients diversify their balance sheets to gain competitive advantage.

                • Strategic Advisory

                  We help our clients develop new markets, new products, and new distribution channels to achieve long-term growth.